CPAP Power Cords

AdaptHealth Marketplace offers an extensive inventory of CPAP power cords from popular brands like DeVilbiss, ResMed, Transcend, Philips Respironics, and HDM. Browse our inventory and select the CPAP power cord that works with your machine.

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CPAP power cords help you power your device for continuous CPAP therapy all night long. 

What are the Various Types of CPAP Power Cords?

There are two types of CPAP power cords, AC power cords, and DC power cords. CPAP devices typically use AC power cords.  

Are All AC And DC Power Cords Compatible With Every CPAP Devices?

No, not all DC and AC power cords are compatible with every CPAP machine. Since every CPAP machine has its own requirements, some machines require an AC power supply and other CPAP machines require a DC power supply.