About AdaptHealth Marketplace

AdaptHealth’s mission is to empower patients to live their best lives by providing comprehensive products, services, and supplies. We understand that not all products are covered by insurance but might help improve your CPAP experience. With AdaptHealth Marketplace, we have created a retail website for customers looking to enhance their current CPAP experience.

Providing Our Customers Options

At AdaptHealth, we understand that using insurance can sometimes be costly, restrictive or non-reimbursable. Whether due to a high deductible, privacy concerns or to find additional equipment choices, at times, our customers may prefer to pay out of pocket. With AdaptHealth Marketplace, we now offer all our patients the option to purchase CPAP equipment, supplies and accessories without going through insurance.

Why choose to pay out-of-pocket?

  • Hassle-free purchase of equipment and supplies shipped immediately and directly to your door
  • Access to CPAP equipment not covered by insurance (ie, CPAP sanitizers, batteries, travel CPAP machines)
  • Outright ownership of CPAP equipment—no rental, insurance deductibles or compliance checks
  • Unlimited access to a customer care team that can recommend products and troubleshoot concerns
  • The total cost is provided upfront

 Our customer care team is well-trained on every product and is available to offer advice or recommendations based on your individual needs. We aim to make a positive difference in your life, starting with simplifying and streamlining the purchase of your medical equipment. Our customer care team is available from 8am to 5pm ET Monday-Friday via phone 1 800-955-6330 or email status@adapthealthmarketplace.com