Zzoma Positional Sleep Device

Zzoma Positional Sleep Device

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  • FDA-cleared medical device for patients with mild-to-moderate positional sleep apnea
  • Designed by board-certified sleep physicians to reduce users' snoring and disrupted breathing
  • Comfortably worn on the upper torso, allowing users to sleep on their side for improved and uninterrupted sleep
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Customize Zzoma Positional Sleep Device
As an alternative to CPAP therapy, this device sits on a person’s back with straps that wrap around to the front of the body, allowing a user to sleep on their side while also reducing snoring and disrupted breathing.
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Zzoma Positional Sleep Device
Zzoma Positional Sleep Device

In Stock


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    Zzoma Positional Device - Overview

    Zzoma is designed for use as an alternative to CPAP therapy for those who have mild to moderate sleep apnea. This positional medical device sits on a person’s back with straps that wrap around the torso and connect to the front of the body. The foam wedge design, made of lightweight semi-rigid synthetic foam, restricts the user from turning onto their back, which can cause the airway to collapse. As a result, this device allows a user to sleep on their side while also reducing snoring and disrupted breathing. ZZoma is comfortably worn as high up as possible on a user’s upper torso to not only improve a patient’s sleep apnea symptoms but also to provide improved and uninterrupted sleep.

    Zzoma Sleep Positioning Device Has Comfortable Design

    The ZZoma was designed by board-certified sleep physicians with a special grip surface that is worn around the torso. It includes stretch material and adjustable Velcro straps for easy adjusting and comfortable fit. Designed for nightly use, when wearing this device, a user will be able to sleep comfortably on their side without the risk of any facial soreness and irritation they may experience when using a CPAP mask. 

    Zzoma Positional Device Effective CPAP Alternative

    The ZZoma was clinically tested and FDA-cleared and was found to be an effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. It works by keeping a user comfortably on their side, preventing supine positioning as they sleep. 

    How to Use Zzoma Sleep Positioning Device

    1. Place the device on your back and bring the straps around so they are in front of you. Position the device so the Velcro straps are at the level of your chest.
    2. Adjust the Velcro straps to fit to your liking and secure them together.
    3. Lie on either side in a comfortable position and go to sleep.

    How to Clean Zzoma Positional Device

    1. Remove the foam wedge from the nylon material. 
    2. Hand wash the nylon pack in cold water with a mild soap. Allow it to air dry.
    3. Use disinfectant wipes on the foam pieces.
    4. Once completely dry, reinsert the foam wedge and seal the Velcro closure. 

    Your Zzoma can also be machine-washed. To machine-wash the outer fabric, remove the foam pieces, and watch it in cold water on the Delicate or Hand Wash cycle. 

    Additional Tips for Using Zzoma Comfortably

    • For the most effective results, wear your Zzoma right under your arms, as high up around your torso as possible.
    • Loose-fitting clothing can cause your Zzoma to slide out of place. Wear a tight-fitted shirt underneath your device to keep it securely in place.
    • Some clothing materials can cause your Zzoma to shift as you sleep. Wear cotton-material clothing under your Zzoma as its PVC dot grips cotton surfaces the best.
    • The Velcro straps are made adjustable so that you can easily customize the fit to your body.
    • To move from side to side as you sleep, roll on your stomach to move. 
    • We know getting comfortable with sleep apnea can be challenging! Give yourself two weeks to get properly accustomed to sleeping with your Zzoma. It may be more difficult for those who typically sleep on their back to get used to using this product.

    Try it for yourself! If you are unhappy with your purchase, AdaptHealth Marketplace allows a 10-day return period for this product. Read our Return Policy for full details. 

    More Information
    Option for Battery No
    Warranty Term Length1 Year
    Option for Heated Hose No
    Machine Dimensions12 x 6 x 4
    Leak CompensationNo
    Exhalation ReliefNo
    DC CapableNo
    FAA CompliantYes
    Auto StartNo
    Auto StopNo
    Data Storage ContentNo
    How does the Zzoma Positional Sleep Device work?
    The device is designed to prevent sleeping on your back, which can cause your airway to collapse. The innovative design instead promotes side sleep to eliminate snoring and disruptive breathing.
    Is the Zzoma Positional Sleep Device comfortable to wear?
    The wedge shape and special grip surface of this device are made with comfortable material, allowing users to sleep comfortably on their side without the potential of irritation and claustrophobia they may have otherwise experienced wearing a CPAP mask.
    Who can benefit from using the Zzoma Positional Sleep Device?
    Those who find wearing a CPAP mask difficult to wear throughout the night would benefit from using the ZZoma.
    How do I properly use and adjust the Zzoma device?
    Wrap the Zzoma around your upper torso. Put the wedge on your back and wrap the straps around the front of your body and connect them The adjustable straps will help you find the best fit for you.
    Can I travel with the Zzoma Positional Sleep Device?
    Yes, you are able to travel with the Zzoma.
    Is a prescription required to purchase the Zzoma Positional Sleep Device?
    Yes, a prescription is required because only your sleep physician can recognize if your sleep apnea is positional.
    How do I clean and maintain the Zzoma Positional Sleep Device?
    To clean the outer fabric, simply unzip and remove the foam inserts. Do not wash the foam inserts. Machine-wash only the belt in cold water using the Delicate or Hand Wash setting. Let air dry completely before reinserting the foam inserts for use again.
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    Zzoma Positional Sleep Device