LiViliti PAPTIZER LED Smart SanitizerLiViliti PAPTIZER LED Smart Sanitizer

LiViliti PAPTIZER LED Smart Sanitizer

The LiViliti Paptizer UVC LED Smart CPAP Sanitizer is the first and largest portable smart sanitizer which is equipped with an integrated UV-C light, heater, and circulated air that provides medical grade sanitization.


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About CPAP Cleaning Machines & Sanitizers

Regular cleaning of your CPAP mask, machine, and accessories is essential to obtain the ideal sleep apnea therapy. Various types of devices help you to sanitize and clean your CPAP equipment, hassle-free. AdaptHealth Marketplace is an accredited seller of SoClean, 3B Lumin, Sleep 8, and Paptizer. We offer our customers a variety of sanitizing and cleaning bundles for an ideal service. 

Frequently Asked Questions About CPAP Cleaners and Sanitizers

What is the Best Way to Clean and Sanitize CPAP Equipment?

The ideal way to sanitize and clean CPAP equipment is by washing and wiping it with distilled water and mild soap. Do not use any strong cleaning agent, for example, dishwashing soap, because it will damage the mask and make it harmful for you to use. Lastly, rinse with running water and air dry it. Once it is completely dried, it is ready to use for therapy!

Does a SoClean Machine Work?

After you wash and clean your CPAP equipment following the instructions mentioned above, use a SoClean machine to sanitize your equipment. Even after washing your equipment, there is still some bacteria present which can be sterilized using a SoClean device. There are three disinfecting levels: low, intermediate, and high.

Can a Lumin Sanitize The Tubing?

The Lumin is one of the best sanitizing machines for cleaning humidifiers and masks. Still, the interior of tubing, nasal pillows, or cushion cannot be sanitized.

Does The CPAP Cleaner Sleep8 Use Ozone?

The Sleep8 CPAP sanitizer and cleaner delivers ozone which aids in cleaning your machine parts from viruses, mold, and bacteria.

Is Customer Service and Assistance for CPAP Cleaners and Sanitizers Available After Purchase from AdaptHealth Marketplace?

After purchasing CPAP cleaners and sanitizers from AdaptHealth Marketplace, we will continue to assist our customers with any questions or issues they have while using our products. Additionally, we provide free shipping on orders over $99 with additional discounts and benefits available.