CPAP Mask Headgear

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Frequently Asked Questions About CPAP Headgears 

How Long Does CPAP Headgear Last?

CPAP Headgear requires replacement after about 6 months. It is necessary to replace your CPAP headgear because the elasticity becomes less effective with normal wear and tear. Using headgear with worn-out elasticity can severely affect the overall experience of your CPAP therapy. 

Which Materials are Used to Make CPAP Headgear?

CPAP headgear is made with flexible nylon materials for comfort and durability. 

What are the Benefits of Using CPAP Headgear?

CPAP headgear helps to prevent CPAP masks from sliding off the face or shifting during sleep, affecting the success of sleep apnea treatment. Also, the headgear enables the user to adjust their CPAP mask to achieve a comfortable experience with a secure fit and proper seal. Lastly, it helps to prevent air leakage which is a common issue for restless sleepers.  

How to Maintain Your CPAP Headgear

Your CPAP headgear requires cleaning at weekly intervals. It is necessary to clean your CPAP headgear to remove unwanted materials like skin and hair oils and sweat. The steps to clean your CPAP headgear include: 

  • First, you need to detach your CPAP headgear from the CPAP mask. 
  • Then immerse it in warm water in the sink or basin. 
  • Consider applying mild soap to wash the CPAP headgear to remove oil and dirt.
    Next, rinsing the headgear. 
  • Last, let your headgear air dry thoroughly and it is ready to use again.