CPAP Frames & Tubing

AdaptHealth Marketplace offers a wide collection of CPAP frames and tubing from popular manufacturers like ResMed and Philips with varied features and accessibility. Choose the CPAP frames and tubing that fit your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions On CPAP Frames & Tubing

What is a CPAP Frame?

A CPAP frame is a mask accessory that helps you hold your CPAP mask to your face while connecting it to your tubing and headgear. CPAP frames improve the fit of your CPAP mask and prevent mask leakage for better CPAP therapy. 

What is CPAP Tubing?

CPAP tubing plays an integral role in attaching the CPAP machine to the CPAP mask while helping to provide a continuous flow of pressurized air. 

What is the Lifespan Of CPAP Tubing?

The lifespan of CPAP tubing is about three months. CPAP tubing needs to be replaced due to the accumulation of dirt particles with time, otherwise, there is a risk of exposure to contaminants entering your lungs.

What are the Materials Used to Make CPAP Tubing?

CPAP tubing is typically made with polyolefin elastomer materials and is phthalate and BPA-free. Universal CPAP tubes are made of flexible thermoplastic elastomers. 

How Do I Maintain CPAP Tubing?

The CPAP tubing requires cleaning once a week. Rinsing CPAP tubing at regular intervals will increase its efficiency. It is also recommended to replace tubing every 6 months to ensure optimal performance.

Does the Size of CPAP Tubing Matter?

Yes, the size of CPAP tubing matters, especially for restless sleepers. If you move around and change sleeping positions often during the night, you should purchase longer CPAP tubing. However, the majority of CPAP users are perfectly comfortable with the standard length of CPAP tubing. 

Does Every CPAP Machine Require The Same Tubing?

The majority of the CPAP machines have connection ports that are compatible with the standard size of CPAP tubing i.e. 19mm. Even so, there are a few CPAP machines that work with 15mm CPAP tubing.