Breas Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine

Breas Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine

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  • Travel-friendly, lightweight, and compact enough to take on the go
  • Compatible with all standard masks and tubing
  • Comfort features include waterless humidification, ramp, and Qtube muffler
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Customize Breas Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine
Z2 Auto CPAP
Your Z2 purchase includes: Z2 Auto Device, 4 foot Slim Style Z2 Tube, Heat Moisture Exchange Unit, Tube Adapter for Z2 Machines, Muffler Kit, (2) Disposable Filters, USB Cable and AC Power Supply.
Z2 Auto CPAP   + $799.00
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All Size Kit Brevida Pillow Mask
Your choice of Fisher&Paykel masks - Eson 2 Nasal mask, Brevida Nasal Pillow mask or Simple Full Face mask.
Disposable Filter for Z1 Travel CPAP Machine
Your purchase comes with 2 disposable filters which require replacement every 30 days. Having extras available is recommended.
Sunset CPAP Mask Wipes
CPAP Mask Wipes effectively remove dirt, grease, oils and other organic residue from your mask with ease and comfort.
Portable Outlet Rechargeable Battery
Keep your CPAP operating properly without any interruption or drop in pressure when the power goes out.

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Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine  (quarter turn)
Breas Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine

In Stock


Included with your purchase:

    The Breas Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine is ideal for travel as it is compact and lightweight. Weighing only 10.5 ounces, this machine is perfect to use while on the go, and is FAA-approved. It is a quieter version of its predecessor, Breas Z1, but includes more features and a new and improved algorithm. 

    Auto-Adjusting Pressure Of Breas Z2 Auto CPAP Machine

    The Breas Z2 features an exclusive algorithm that delivers lower average airflow than a fixed-pressure would. This device can automatically adjust the CPAP pressure to each user’s breathing pattern while they sleep. 

    Breas Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Integrated Battery Option

    Whenever and wherever power is limited, users can add on the optional battery for use. This is ideal for CPAP users who need therapy while traveling. The PowerShell Extended Life Battery is a rechargeable battery that allows a full night’s treatment on one charge.

    Breas Z2 Travel CPAP Machine Waterless Humidification

    The Breas Z2 has a small cartridge used for humidification. It is inserted between the hose and mask to capture moisture during exhalation and release it during inhalation. This provides a comfortable experience while receiving treatment.

    AutoRamp Feature Of Breas Z2 CPAP Machine 

    This device includes the AutoRamp feature, designed to help users fall asleep quicker and more comfortably. It starts by delivering a lower pressure, then ramping up to a user’s prescribed settings when the device detects the user is fully asleep. 

    Z-Breathe Technology Of Breas Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine 

    The Z-Breathe comfort feature makes exhaling during therapy easier, as it uses advanced technology to reduce the pressure while a user breathes out. There are 3 airflow settings a patient can choose from to customize their treatment to their preferred settings. 

    Breas Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine FAA-Compliance

    This unit is FAA-approved, meaning it is able to be used while on an airplane. To maintain proper compliance when flying, the Bluetooth on the device should be turned off. We also recommend confirming with your airline that a machine will be on board. 


    Breas Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine: The Ultimate Sleep Therapy Experience On-the-Go

    If you're a sleep apnea sufferer who loves to travel, the Breas Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine is your go-to solution for restful sleep anywhere you go. Weighing in at just 10.5 ounces, this compact machine is the lighter and quieter successor to the Breas Z1, making it an ideal travel companion. Designed and assembled in the USA, it's FAA-approved for in-flight use and packs advanced features that ensure a comfortable and effective sleep therapy experience.

    Auto-Adjusting Pressure and Z-Breathe™ Technology

    What sets the Breas Z2 apart is its exclusive algorithm that automatically adjusts pressure to your breathing pattern, ensuring you get a peaceful night's sleep. Coupled with Z-Breathe™ technology, the machine lowers exhalation pressure, making breathing more natural. You can even customize your treatment with three airflow settings.

    AutoRamp and Waterless Humidification

    The AutoRamp feature makes falling asleep easier by starting therapy at a lower pressure and ramping up once you're asleep. Add in the waterless humidification cartridge that captures and releases moisture, and you're set for a comfortable sleep therapy session anywhere.

    PowerShell Battery and Connectivity

    When you're off the grid or in the sky, the optional PowerShell Extended Life Battery provides a full night's treatment on a single charge. For in-flight use, remember to turn off the machine's Bluetooth for FAA compliance.

    What's Included

    • Z2 device
    • Tube adaptor
    • 4-foot Slim-Style tube
    • Power supply (auto-switching for international travel)
    • Custom USB cable
    • HME Humidification Moisture Exchanger
    • User manual & Get Started guide
    • 1 Filter
    • Q-Lite
    • 2-year warranty

    Choose the Breas Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine for a quiet, lightweight, and versatile sleep therapy experience—wherever your travels take you.

    More Information
    Pressure Range4-20 cm H2O
    Machine Weight10.5 oz
    Option for Battery Yes
    Warranty Term Length2 Year
    Option for Heated Hose No
    Therapy OptionsCPAP and Auto-CPAP
    Machine Dimensions 6.48" L x 3.3" W x 2.02" H
    Leak CompensationYes
    Exhalation ReliefYes
    DC CapableYes
    FAA CompliantYes
    Auto StartYes
    Auto StopYes
    AC PowerUniversal AC power 100-240V
    Hide PriceYes
    Sound Level26 dBA
    Data Storage ContentYes
    Water Chamber CapacityN/A
    Altitude CompensationAutomatic
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